Commander's Message
May, 2019



The Sons of Confederate Veterans absolutely denounce racism, racial supremacy, hate groups, and any individual or entity that desecrates the symbols and history of the confederate states or the united states. We are simply a historical, American patriotic, non-political organization.

If you are willing to learn and spend one evening a month with a great bunch of guys, we are the group for you. We meet the first Tuesday of each month at the American Legion Hall #26 830 Mayo Rd. Edgewater, MD at 7:00pm.

There are many events from living histories, re-enactments to lectures. Every weekend there are opportunities for you to attend or be a part of the history of the Confederacy. Many of these can be found on and

The Maryland Line has been very involved in getting gravesites and cemeteries in our area cleaned up. Currently on order is a new headstone for one of our fallen since the old one is unrecognizable. If you donít have any idea if you have a relative that served for the South, we have a superb historian who is available to help. Having a relative that served is a requirement to join, but if one cannot be found, you may become a Friend of the Camp. FOC are part of our camp, attend meetings and events, pay dues etc, but cannot vote in elections.

We are proud to have a sign for our adopt-a-highway program on rte. 301 in Upper Marlboro, MD. Our camp periodically schedules clean-ups throughout the year and have been told we do the best job by many businesses on our route.

Our organization is a historical one which shares the true story of the Confederacy, not the propaganda many believe. We do this in a non-violent, peaceful way and do not tolerate behavior to the contrary. Joining our camp will give one more voice to the truth and one by one as we grow and share the facts of the Civil War we will educate the uninformed and hope to bring the glory deserved to our ancestors.

Confederately yours,

Dave Barber
Commander Maryland Line CSA, Camp #1741


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