Haskins-Claggett Award


This award is the most prestigious honor that is bestowed by the Maryland Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans. It is named in honor of two men who were instrumental in the founding of the modern Maryland Division: Bob Haskins and Bob Claggett. Both men started a camp, made sacrifices to promote the SCV, and organized what we now know as the Maryland Division. The momentum they imparted to this organization in the 1980's made it the success it is today.

In 1987, the Maryland Division, in convention at Indian Head, passed a resolution creating the Haskins-Claggett Award honoring these two men. It is presented to the one Maryland Division Compatriot who has performed outstanding services in promoting and building the SCV. It is the highest recognition by the Maryland Division and is not given lightly. The award is earned! It is presented for overall contributions and for exemplifying the true "Spirit of the Cause".

This award is not required to be presented each year and that has happened several times in its history. A compatriot can only receive it once in his lifetime. A committee whose Chairman was appointed by the Division Commander has been formed. This committee determines the recipient of the award. Nominations for a given year must be submitted by March 30th.

Award Criteria

  1. The nominee works beyond his camp level and/or holds, or has held, offices at State, Department or National level.
  2. The nominee is active in the special events or projects of both his camp and other campís events.
  3. The nominee actively recruits new members and may help with the research of their ancestry.
  4. The nominee speaks publicly to various groups on behalf of the SCV and Confederate history.
  5. The nominee actively participates in finding and marking Confederate graves.
  6. The nominee volunteers to serve on camp and division level committees.
  7. The nominee submits material for inclusion in the Confederate Veteran Magazine.
  8. The nominee has contributed to the establishment of a new camp.
  9. The nominee has established a camp newsletter.
  10. The nominator may offer as evidence of his nomineeís extraordinary worth an example(s) of his exemplary effort(s).

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